A Call for the Muslim Ummah.

Posted on: February 5, 2008

The current solar year as the year of National Unity and Islamic Solidarity by the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei,
(ISIJ Sodan news Monday the 4th Feb 2008).
Majlis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel said in Khartoum that inspired by Iran’s Islamic Revolution, the Sudanese nation managed to gain victory and form in Africa an independent state with an Islamic identity.

Haddad-Adel told a group of Sudanese scientists, elites and academics that Iranian people attach special significance to Sudanese nation due to their lofty status in the world of Islam and their solidarity with Iran’s Islamic Revolution and its late leader Imam Khomeini. He said the late Imam Khomeini and triumph of Islamic Revolution has left significant impact on the world of Islam.

He added that nationalization of oil industry and opposition to the capitulation system in Iran concurrent with Sudanese people’s struggle against colonialism is a sign of solidarity among the two nations. The Iranian top parliamentarian said Muslim thinkers and leaders have the duty to teach their nation to have a critical approach towards western culture and civilization, which tries to dominate the world everyday with a new deceitful feature and image. “Fortunately, the more certain western powers exert pressure on other countries for imposing their culture, the more awakened become the nations, who have independent cultures,” he said. Pointing to the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, who called the current solar year as the year of National Unity and Islamic Solidarity, Haddad-Adel said one of the reasons for the call had been forging unity and solidarity among Muslim ummah and followers of prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) infallible household.

He said unity and integration in the world of Islam would ensure victory against the world hegemonic system and tyrants. Elsewhere in his address, Haddad-Adel pointed to recent Gaza events and said any Muslim has the duty to stand crimes and brutality of the Zionist regime of Israel and defend the oppressed Palestinian nation. “The big Satan and hegemonic powers are in a cowardly way trying today to prevent the criminal Zionism not to be the target of Muslim world’s hatred and protest and they are making efforts to sow differences in Muslim Ummah. They provide wrong news and analyses in a bid to keep the Zionist regime immune of Muslims’ protest and opposition,” he added.

He went on to say that negative allegations and publicity are raised against Iran due to its peaceful nuclear activities. “Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution and all senior officials of Iran have times and again announced explicitly that Iran wants nuclear energy only for peaceful purposes and do not intend to produce nuclear arms,” he added. Despite the IAEA inspectors’ reports that they had observed and reported no diversion in Iran’s nuclear activities towards military purposes, there are efforts to show that Iran has jeopardized global peace through its nuclear activities, he added. Elsewhere in his address, Haddad-Adel said relations with the world of Islam, with Sudan in particular, is of high significance for Iran’s foreign policy.

“In our opinion, there are necessary grounds for consolidation of ties. Undoubtedly, remarkable measures of the two countries in the past will prepare the ground for further expansion of the political, economic and cultural ties and will encourage the two great Iranian and Sudanese nations to have unbreakable bonds,” he added. The Iranian official said presence of Iran and Sudan in two strategic points of Middle East and northeast Africa double the importance of continued consultations and cooperation in all levels in areas of mutual interest so as to repel many challenges facing the two nations, he added. He then said Iran, which is a terrorism victim, wants a clear definition of the phenomenon and finding its root causes and launching stern campaign against it.

He added that removal of discrimination and injustice in the world, non-resort to force and violence, avoiding interference in other countries’ internal affairs and abandoning double-standards in dealing with the regional and international issues are the keys to drastic elimination of terrorism.

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