The cursed  and real faces of U S A Army in Iraq.

 American forces are winning  hearts n minds of all the Muslim world ?

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Lesson Contents

Learn how to become a private investigator.
View our 30-lesson program of instruction.


Lesson 1.

Opportunities in Security. The need for trained investigators is thoroughly discussed in detail. Where and how to find that first job or client. Agency, self-employment and other opportunities are fully explored in 40 pages to get you started quickly and correctly. Learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to become a private investigator, plus the secrets of opening your own agency and finding that first job as an investigator!

Lesson 2.

Sources of Information. A detailed study of the sources and locations of public and private records. Reliable and accurate information is required in every investigation and this is where you learn the inside ways to obtain them. Your success depends upon finding information and this is how and where you will find it. Your complete source file.

Lesson 3.

Undercover-Pretext. The two most useful and exciting of all investigative techniques. You cannot really learn how to become a private investigator – a good one, anyway – without them. The Undercover Handbook is the starting place for most new investigators. Pretext is such a guarded secret there are few places you can learn about it. This is one of those places. One of the most useful lessons in this course.

Lesson 4.

Surveillance. You are taught all the necessary techniques from stake-outs to moving surveillance. Here you will learn tricks and procedures about following people never available in print before now! No useless “James Bond” nonsense, catalogs or lists, just pure working knowledge. And a free video on how it is done by the pros.



Lesson 5.

Missing Persons and Skip Tracing. Specialized methods to locate anyone, anywhere. Witnesses, skips, runaways, etc., plus process serving. This is a lucrative sideline in private investigations, suitable for anyone who can use a telephone and knows what to do. Includes a 170 item skip trace checklist. Perfect for bounty hunters and skip tracers! Find them fast and find them here!


Lesson 6.

Interviewing and Interrogation. All investigations require talking to someone. Here you will learn the proper procedure to successfully interrogate and interview suspects, witnesses and others who may or may not be willing to talk to you. Little can be accomplished in private investigations without mastery of this technique.

Lesson 7.

Statement and Confessions. After you interview or interrogate, you must obtain written statements or confessions. Using actual cases you will learn the various techniques to secure these documents. No good case is complete without them.

Lesson 8.

Computer Investigations. How to find information on the Internet. Private and public sources, .com addresses and everything you need to make your job easier. All you need beside this lesson is a computer. The road map is here. 28 pages of inside secrets to help you.

Lesson 9.

Auto Repossession and Lock picking. If you were ever interested in becoming a repo man – or woman – you’ll be interested in the methods and techniques used by expert auto recovery specialists. Here you will learn insider’s tricks to lock picking, vehicle entry, ignition removal and much more. Locks of all types and how to pick them are fully discussed, along with detailed drawings on the working parts of locks. Guarded secrets.

Lesson 10

Criminal Investigation. This invaluable lesson will teach you those techniques necessary to handle such cases as burglary, robbery, etc. An actual case is studied. These techniques are required for private investigations of all kinds – civil and criminal.


Lesson 11.

Report Writing. All investigations must result in a written report. Here you are taught how to construct one that is legal, accurate and complete. Your report is the most critical contact you will have with your supervisor or client. It must be correct and this lesson will teach you how to produce a professional report. An absolute necessity for private investigations.

Lesson 12.

Shopping Service. Retail stores depend upon such investigative services to check employee honesty. An excellent husband and wife service, which you can operate from your home. How to detect thefts the correct way.

Lesson 13.

Domestic Investigations. This lesson teaches you the methods of gathering information for a successful conclusion to your divorce cases. A bread and butter specialty of immense importance to all parties. Involves all your new skills.

Lesson 14.

Photography. The use and need for video, digital and still cameras is fully covered. You are acquainted with the actual mechanics of taking pictures as they relate to investigative needs to establish proof of fraud and dishonesty.

Lesson 15.

Insurance Investigations. Fraudulent claims are a huge and rising problem. The insurance investigator must be aware of those techniques necessary to expose such frauds. This lesson develops your skill and knowledge and is a perfect entry-level position and income producer. Worker’s Compensation claims, faked injuries, etc. are covered in detail.


Lesson 16.

Specialized Services. The investigator must know about techniques such as polygraph tests, arson, fingerprints and other laboratory functions. What’s available, where and how to use them, and what they can do for you and your case.

Lesson 17.

Organized Crime and Racketeering. The intelligent investigator or private citizen should be aware of these crimes, how they are accomplished, what to look for, and how to combat them. Bankruptcy fraud, gambling, etc.

Lesson 18.

Bodyguard Training and Self Defense. The demand for bodyguard training grows larger every year. One client can put you into a successful business. Our bodyguard training lesson ranges from preventive planning and legal issues to weapons and physical training. With proper body guard training, you will be able to protect your client in every situation. We will get your bodyguard training on track.

Lesson 19.

Sabotage and Industrial Theft. Industry world wide is constantly vulnerable to theft and terrorists. Deterrent action is most often accomplished by the investigator who knows what to look for. The student is taught techniques and fundamentals of this growing specialty and is required for anyone involved in industrial security.

Lesson 20.

Internal Security. The complete security officer training handbook written for the officer and supervisor. Included in this lesson is criminal and civil law, torts and industrial safety, and the laws of arrest. A must lesson for everyone!


Lesson 21.

Electronic Surveillance. An incredible volume of information not available anywhere! The Buggers Bible. Detailed instructions on telephone tapping, room bugging, transmitters, microphones, etc. How to do it, how to detect it and where to buy it.

Lesson 22.

Shoplifting and Store Detective. Many students become full-time store detectives. Accordingly, you are taught the methods, procedures and techniques to detect and prevent shoplifting. How it’s done, who’s doing it and how to stop it.

Lesson 23.

Child Custody. The welfare of children is of prime importance and the investigator who can handle this type of case can earn a lot of money and provide a very needed service. It can make your reputation if you are good at it.

Lesson 24.

Hospital Security. One of the fastest growing segments of private security. Hospitals are everywhere and the need for investigators aware of the unique problems in hospitals is great. Investigative and security officer training in this niche can ensure your growth.

Lesson 25.

Background Investigations. A very good business can be built if you specialize in pre-employment and background investigations. Included here is more information on how to find people and information.

Part 6.

Lesson 26.
How to Open Your Own Agency. When the time comes to open your own detective agency, this lesson will show you how. From selling your services, advertising, contracts and forms, equipment, hourly charges and much more.

Lesson 27.
Worker’s Compensation. Details on how to conduct insurance fraud investigations and how to prove this growing crime. A unique high-paying specialty for those who are properly trained. Includes Anatomy for investigators, whiplash and more.

Lesson 28.
Pre-Employment Screening. Some agencies only do these kinds of cases and you will know all there is to perform as an expert. This training will aide you in every type of case you will encounter.

Lesson 29.
Investigator Thinking. It is not enough to be well trained as you will be when you arrive at this lesson. You must know how to think like a detective if you are to be truly successful. Maybe one of the most important lessons in your course. Includes the Final Test #5.

Lesson 30.
Equipment Catalog. 30 pages of high-tech equipment sources and types which are available to you when you need them. Only the best are listed here and you can see for yourself what they are and how to use them. This Special Lesson will be sent with your Diploma.

Optional 12 Lesson – Cassette Workshop

Added to this written knowledge is the additional information on our optional cassette tape program. Combined they will make you one of the most knowledgeable and best-trained PI’s in the world. Tape or CDs.

With ISIJP, you will not only learn how to become a private investigator but you will become one of the best.



The current solar year as the year of National Unity and Islamic Solidarity by the Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei,
(ISIJ Sodan news Monday the 4th Feb 2008).
Majlis Speaker Gholam-Ali Haddad-Adel said in Khartoum that inspired by Iran’s Islamic Revolution, the Sudanese nation managed to gain victory and form in Africa an independent state with an Islamic identity.

Haddad-Adel told a group of Sudanese scientists, elites and academics that Iranian people attach special significance to Sudanese nation due to their lofty status in the world of Islam and their solidarity with Iran’s Islamic Revolution and its late leader Imam Khomeini. He said the late Imam Khomeini and triumph of Islamic Revolution has left significant impact on the world of Islam.

He added that nationalization of oil industry and opposition to the capitulation system in Iran concurrent with Sudanese people’s struggle against colonialism is a sign of solidarity among the two nations. The Iranian top parliamentarian said Muslim thinkers and leaders have the duty to teach their nation to have a critical approach towards western culture and civilization, which tries to dominate the world everyday with a new deceitful feature and image. “Fortunately, the more certain western powers exert pressure on other countries for imposing their culture, the more awakened become the nations, who have independent cultures,” he said. Pointing to the Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, who called the current solar year as the year of National Unity and Islamic Solidarity, Haddad-Adel said one of the reasons for the call had been forging unity and solidarity among Muslim ummah and followers of prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) infallible household.

He said unity and integration in the world of Islam would ensure victory against the world hegemonic system and tyrants. Elsewhere in his address, Haddad-Adel pointed to recent Gaza events and said any Muslim has the duty to stand crimes and brutality of the Zionist regime of Israel and defend the oppressed Palestinian nation. “The big Satan and hegemonic powers are in a cowardly way trying today to prevent the criminal Zionism not to be the target of Muslim world’s hatred and protest and they are making efforts to sow differences in Muslim Ummah. They provide wrong news and analyses in a bid to keep the Zionist regime immune of Muslims’ protest and opposition,” he added.

He went on to say that negative allegations and publicity are raised against Iran due to its peaceful nuclear activities. “Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution and all senior officials of Iran have times and again announced explicitly that Iran wants nuclear energy only for peaceful purposes and do not intend to produce nuclear arms,” he added. Despite the IAEA inspectors’ reports that they had observed and reported no diversion in Iran’s nuclear activities towards military purposes, there are efforts to show that Iran has jeopardized global peace through its nuclear activities, he added. Elsewhere in his address, Haddad-Adel said relations with the world of Islam, with Sudan in particular, is of high significance for Iran’s foreign policy.

“In our opinion, there are necessary grounds for consolidation of ties. Undoubtedly, remarkable measures of the two countries in the past will prepare the ground for further expansion of the political, economic and cultural ties and will encourage the two great Iranian and Sudanese nations to have unbreakable bonds,” he added. The Iranian official said presence of Iran and Sudan in two strategic points of Middle East and northeast Africa double the importance of continued consultations and cooperation in all levels in areas of mutual interest so as to repel many challenges facing the two nations, he added. He then said Iran, which is a terrorism victim, wants a clear definition of the phenomenon and finding its root causes and launching stern campaign against it.

He added that removal of discrimination and injustice in the world, non-resort to force and violence, avoiding interference in other countries’ internal affairs and abandoning double-standards in dealing with the regional and international issues are the keys to drastic elimination of terrorism.

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Shia Muslims mourn for Imam Hossein (JJ) around the world.

Pakistan ISIJ News. Shia Muslims mourn for Imam Hossein (JJ), the third Imam of Prophet Muhammad’s (SAWW) infallible household, all around the world on the day of Ashoura, the tenth day of Moharram, the first month of the Lunar calendar. On such a day in the year 61 of Lunar calendar, Imam Hussein (JJ) and 72 of his family members and friends fought against the army of Yazid bin Moaviya and were all martyred and their women and children were taken captives.

This day is a symbol of fight against cruelty and injustice by all means and devoting one’s life to lofty human values. Shia Muslims call Imam Hussein (JJ) as ‘Lord of the Martyrs’ and remember him in the days of Moharram in special ceremonies. According to INUJ reporters, this year too, Shiite (Shia) Muslims from Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Tokyo, Amman, Ashkhabad, Algiers, Rome, Vienna, Athens, Paris, New Delhi, Moscow, London, Manchester, Dubai, Riyadh and different cities in Germany, Poland, Belgium, Denmark and the Netherlands as well as many other cities commemorated Imam Hussein’s (JJ) uprising against injustice.

Syed Hassan Nasrullah in Lebanon also appeared in a huge procession of the Shiite believers and he also lashed out on the evil forces like Israel and America. He claimed that he is still holding the heads and the bones of the bodies of the soldiers which the forces of Israel left behind. It may be noted that Jews around the world will not forget the defeat they have got first time in their history during the war between Israel vs. Lebanon’s holy warriors of Hizb-Ullah. Eeven the Israelites were having the forces beyond numbers in front of few holy fighters of the Hizbullah under the command of Syed Hassan Nasrullah the holy warrior and the hero of the Muslim world and the believers.

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